The Ultimate Cooking Competition

A fantastic opportunity to celebrate all that is great about food … growing it, cooking it and, of course, eating it.

Sheff’s Kitchen is the ultimate cooking competition where passionate Sheffield chefs compete to win the coveted Sheff’s Kitchen title all in the spirit of fundraising for Whirlow Hall Farm Trust.

Over the course of the summer chefs will compete in knock out rounds, hoping to make the grade, and have the opportunity to cook at our grand finale banquet in October; where over 200 diners will become food critics for the evening, scoring dishes and crowning our Sheff’s Kitchen champion.

It all starts on 11th June at Whirlow Hall Farm

The First Cut

The first cut rounds start off small but are by no means easy. The chefs will be put into pairs at random for their first cook off challenge in the idyllic setting of Whirlow Hall Farm. Each chef will have to impress with a startling three course fine dining menu. The competition starts small with 60 diners and two judges; and progressively gets harder with each round. The aim of the game is to out cook the other chefs to reach the grand finale and win the hearts of the toughest food critics out there … YOU!

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