Dev Gurung

Owner & Head Chef, Hungry Buddha

Dev started out working as a trekking guide in the Nepal and Indian Himalayas. This is where he met and fell in love with Jan, a girl from Rotherham on a world tour.

The couple came back to the UK but Dev missed his mums cooking and thus started on a journey of exploring the cooking he grew up with… in his mid 30s! Back home his mum and sister were in charge of the kitchen; Dev only cooked to fend for himself when they were not around so he was literally starting from scratch with only his knowing palette to guide him.

While perfecting his craft in London, Dev spent three years between the Bombay Bicycle and Chautari Nepalese restaurant; but the truth is his mum is his toughest critic and Devs’ culinary inspiration, as he strives to put his own twist on the amazing comfort food from his childhood and culture in Nepal.

Dev says “I have always had this desire to make people happy. And now I do that with my food. I think it’s important to connect with people on some level; if you can achieve that they become your ambassadors. A lot of people who have travelled in Nepal and eaten at Hungry Buddha say my food reminded them of their holiday which makes me smile. My mum now enjoys my food but I’m still not allowed to cook in her kitchen!”