Luke Rhodes

Sous Chef, Noosa Cafe Bar

Yorkshire lad born and bred, Luke started his journey into the culinary world at 16, and was trained at The Sheffield College. Having spent most of his career working in between fine dining and BBQ joints, Luke travelled down under at age 20, and spent most of his time working in the gold plated restaurant ‘Char Char’ based in Perth, Australia. This is where he gained incredible knowledge about cooking seafood and classic Aussie grub.

Now working at Noosa Cafe Bar owned by Charlie Curran, Luke is excited to bring his international knowledge to the competition for his second shot at claiming the Sheff’s Kitchen winning title. Luke entered the competition in 2017 and reached the semi-final round; when asked why he wanted another shot at the competition this year he replied “I loved being part of Sheff’s Kitchen last time and feel I have only grown in confidence and experience in the last 2 years. Charlie is a veteran of this competition and now I’m fortunate enough to be working for him I would love to make both him and Kelly proud and bring the trophy home for Noosa”